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Retail is Dead. Long Live Retail

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on May 8, 2019

Sadly, Toys R’ Us recently ceased operations. Sears’ post-bankruptcy strategy is to have smaller stores which concentrate on appliances. Sounds like traditional brick and mortar retail is in trouble, doesn’t it? First of all, not every brick and mortar retailer is in trouble. WalMart and Target are doing very well. Still, the trend is that […]

Update on Ocular Melanoma

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on April 23, 2019

Last year there were news reports of a group of Auburn University alumni who had all developed ocular melanoma. (See blog entry Folks with Ocular Melanoma Cluster on Social Media.) Despite its name, it is not similar to skin melanoma since it is not necessarily caused by exposure to the sun. It is a rare […]

Spring Cleaning For Your Business

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on April 9, 2019

Spring is the season of longer days, bird returning to nesting grounds, preparing gardens for planting, and of course, spring cleaning. Cleaning is the least exciting part of spring. Even so, everyone will agree on the importance of taking the time to clean, organize and spruce up your living space. The same can be said […]

Advances in Amblyopia Research

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on March 26, 2019

As eye care professionals, at some point you have had a patient with amblyopia. Traditionally amblyopia was thought to be a problem with one eye (monocular), and the person with the condition didn’t have the binocular cell cooperation in his or her brain. Conventional treatments took a monocular approach, which included covering the good eye […]

Being a Community Partner

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on March 12, 2019

Millennials often get a bad rap as being selfish, but recent studies have shown that they will spend more with companies that “give back” through supporting causes that they care about. Since the Millennials have over $2 billion dollars in spending power, it would be nice for your practice to earn their business. Even more […]

Handheld Probe Provides Images of Photoreceptors

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on February 26, 2019

Photoreceptors are specialized cells in the retina that are responsible for converting light into signals that the brain can understand as images. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to actually see photoreceptors? Researchers at Duke University have developed a device that can produce an image of photoreceptors in adults and infants. This […]

Optometrists Collaborate with Other Professionals

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on February 12, 2019

As many of you know, optometrists aren’t just the folks who examine eyes for glasses and contacts. They are healthcare providers who help to maximize patient health by maximizing eye health and visual acuity. It is well known that they work with primary care physicians to monitor patients with diabetes and hypertension, but what many […]

The Wings of a Butterfly Lead to an Idea for an Eye Implant

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on January 29, 2019

In open angle glaucoma, fluid passes too slowly through the opening where the cornea and iris meet. This fluid build-up leads to increased pressure on the eye. Left unchecked, vision loss can occur. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an implant that could be used to monitor intra-eye pressure in glaucoma patients? Research on […]

Keeping the Patients Happy

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on January 15, 2019

Some patients come to your practice because it is the one that accepts their insurance. Even so, you and your staff can’t become lax when it comes to customer service. After all, practices are being added to the insurance plans all the time, so when patients have a choice, you want them to choose your […]

Petri Dish Retinas

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on January 1, 2019

No one wants to have compromised vision. When someone learns that he or she has glaucoma, working to keep functional vision becomes a priority. While there are treatment regimens that help to keep intra-ocular pressure within acceptable perimeters, for many it is only a matter of time before they lose their vision. What if there […]