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Detecting & Fixing Eye Diseases

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on January 24, 2023

In eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration and Leber congenital amaurosis, things are going on in the cellular level that occur before anything is detected by way of a test or observation. It would be great if these changes could be detected sooner and if there was a way to stop the deterioration […]

Older Drivers & Vision

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on January 10, 2023

There are over 50 million people in the U.S. over the age 65 and close to 90 percent of them are still driving. Driving maintains a senior’s independence, so taking away their car keys should not be done lightly. Yet, as a person ages, his or her vision changes. Areas where older drivers experience trouble […]

Changes in Technology Lead to More Info about Vision Diseases

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on December 27, 2022

If you are of a certain age, you will remember that in the 1980s first mobile phone were car phones. In fact, they were something of a status symbol, since they weren’t cheap. So, executives and high-end real estate agents were the ones who most likely had a car phone. Well, thanks to advances in […]

Implants for Vision Correction

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on December 13, 2022

There are cochlear implants to allow many deaf persons to hear sounds they never could before. Wouldn’t be nice if there were implants for eyes? While bionic vision implants are still in early stages of utilization, there are lens implants for nearsightedness/myopia. Such an implant is the EVO Visian ICL™, manufactured by Staar Surgical Company, […]

Cognitive Function and The Eyes Part Two

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on November 29, 2022

Part One dealt with how memory works in tandem with vision. Since eyes are part of the body, they can provide indications of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Do the eyes provide clues about cognitive health? According to researchers at the American Optometric Association, the answer is yes. The understanding of the […]

Cognitive Function and The Eyes Part One

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on November 15, 2022

It has been said that the eyes are the front of the brain, especially since 80 percent of learning takes place via what we see. How does that happen and is it possible to utilize retinal imaging to diagnose age-related brain disorders? As always, researchers are studying these things and this is what was found […]

Stem Cells, Protein & The Ways Research Are Learning More About Them

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on November 1, 2022

As always, research shines a light on the eye and vision. Case in point, wouldn’t it be nice if people experiencing vision diseases, like a retinal disorder or age-related macular degeneration could receive treatments that were derived from either stem-cells or from a specific protein and vision would improve. Well, we will spotlight stem-cell based […]

The (Donor) Eyes Have It

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on October 18, 2022

Most people know that donor organs save lives. What many don’t realize is that donating organs can help with bio-medical research. Two research projects, one was conducted at the National Eye Institute (NEI), which is part of the National Institutes of Health and another at John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah […]

When Our Eyes Work & When They Don’t

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on October 4, 2022

Admit it, you don’t think much about your eyes when they are working properly. After all, that is a sign that everything is healthy. The thing is how do things work between our eyes and brain and when things don’t work, can they be fixed on the cellular and genetic level. There are two research […]

Good News About Supplements and Macular Degeneration

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on September 20, 2022

Many agree that taking supplements can benefit your health. Now you can add slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration to the list of supplement benefits. First reported in 2001, the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) showed that persons who were at high risk of developing advanced stages of age-related macular degeneration lower their risk […]