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Since 1838, 75 years of experience have earned Gulden Ophthalmics a place as an undisputed thought leader and foremost expert in ophthalmic instruments and devices.

As a leading innovator and sought after manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments and devices, Gulden supplies learning institutions and professionals worldwide, through a well-established national and international distributor network.

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Twin Filter Set

The Ohlson Vital Stain Enhancement Filters is a yellow and red filter side-by-side, that easily fits in your pocket.

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Trial Lens Holder

Gulden Ophthalmics carries a large variety of Trial Lenses, Lens Flippers and frames designed to make vision testing easy.

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Tonometer Tip Cleaner

Gulden's Small Tonometer Tip Cleaner is the perfect tool for sterilizing tonometer tips.

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Contact Lens Polisher Kit

Gulden Ophthalmic's Contact Lens Polisher Kit is a low-cost, convenient, cordless, easy-to-use, portable hard contact lens polisher.

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Dovie Pocket Coding Card

Our Pocket CPT Coding Card is a handy, useful reference tool that helps with coding exams for optimal reimbursement from insurance companies.

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D-15 Dichotomous Test

Designed to correctly identify all (congenital and acquired) color deficiencies, no matter how slight.

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Near Point Rule

The Near Point Rule measures 50 cm long, 10 mm square, it is engraved with Centimeters, Inches, Diopter Scales and Duane Age.

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Dry Eye & Lagophthalmos Kit

Stop telling your patients to tape their eyes closed! No more messy tape glue on the lids, no more allergic reactions to tape.

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Eyelid Plate Expressor

Elevate the patients eyelid, provide a solid support for the eyelid, aid in meibomian gland expression and assist in other eye exam functional measurements, all with one handy instrument.

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Raff Level Trial Flipper

The Raff Level Trial Lens flipper balances lenses with a level eliminate off axis rotation with ease.

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Cataract Eye Model

Quick and easy to use, this model will save the doctor or technician time when explaining this difficult concept.

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Disposable Spray Caps

Gulden's Disposable Spray Caps are replaceable caps for standard ophthalmic drop bottles.

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EyeView Visualizing Scope

The EyeView Visualizing Scope gives a patient a view of his/her own opacities.

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Confrontation Visual Field Tester

Automated LED confrontational visual field tester that is cost effective, easy to use, fast, and more accurate than using finger confrontation methods.

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Reti Eye

The Reti Eye is an extremely useful kit for ophthalmic practitioners to practice Indirect Ophthalmoscopy and Photocoagulation.

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LASIK Model Demonstrator

The LASIK Eye Model is made of hard, durable plastic and measures 5 3/4 inches in diameter.

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Siepser Sliding Knot

The Siepser Slip Suture kit contains everything needed to learn the technique.

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Floater Demonstrator

The New Floater Eye Model from Gulden Ophthalmics allows the doctor or technician to quickly demonstrate how "floaters" are caused.

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Astigmatism Eye Model

This model of the eye is for patient education in astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia - or refractive error.