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Myopia May Not Last A Lifetime

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on December 17, 2019

This just in—millions of children have myopia! Okay you already knew that fact, especially since a portion of those millions come into your practice. Of course, myopia unlike a lot of medical conditions has a simple solution, namely corrective lenses. As great as eyeglasses and contact lenses are in achieving near perfect vision, what if […]

How to Reward Staff

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on December 3, 2019

I’ve worked in large organizations and I was rewarded on two separate occasions for my birthday. One was at a large hospital system, where I received a voucher for a free meal in the cafeteria and the other was at a college where I received a card and gift card from the college president. Granted […]

Smart Glasses

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on November 19, 2019

Bifocals are great, they’ve been around for over 200 years and they help persons with presbyopia read books and newspapers. Yet there have been developments, such as the automobile and the computer, that have occurred over the course of these 200 years that make bifocals cumbersome. You have to adjust your head to read a […]

To Be or Not to Be a Practice Owner

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on November 5, 2019

It seems like independent eye doctors had it made back in the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s. The way the older doctors talk, it sounds like all they had to do was graduate from medical school, hang out a shingle and the patients would stream in. Not so fast. While the business and clinical parts make […]

Color and Health

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on October 22, 2019

“So and So is the picture of health.” “So and So has a sickly pallor.” This is the 21st century and with all the advances that have taken place in medicine, we still associate certain colors with health or the lack thereof. This is especially true when seeing someone’s face. Aren’t these things as arbitrary […]

Sunday Scaries

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on October 8, 2019

Working in or owning an optometric practice can be great. There’s the health and science side which is always evolving and appeals to the learner part of you and there’s the business side that appeals to the creator/builder part of you. Of course, the ever-evolving part of health and science means that you have to […]

Regeneration in the Retina

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on September 24, 2019

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If you get a paper cut, the cut heals in seven to ten days. If you get a bruise, it heals within two to four weeks. If you get a broken bone, it takes three to ten weeks to heal. An injury to the retina […]

Independent Practice

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on September 10, 2019

American Optometric Association issued a report on the state of optometry in 2013 and they reported that there are over 22,000 optometrists who are owner/operators of an independent practice. Despite the current trends in retail, optometry seems to be the last bastion of the independent ownership. Of course, there is competition from chains, mass retailers […]

Retina Patterns Tell a Story

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 27, 2019

No one has to sell eye doctors on how cool the human eye is. One interesting area of the eye that is being researched is the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). This is the layer of cells that is next to the retina. It acts as a conduit between the photoreceptors of the retina and the […]

Training patient facing staff

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 13, 2019

More often than not, staff members are the first people patients speak with when they come to your practice. Of course, you want your staff to do their tasks and process the patients in an efficient manner, but what is more important? Serving patients or doing the job in an efficient manner? It is more […]