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The Novel & The Familiar

Have you ever wondered what happens in our brains that allows us not only to see, but also to recognize what is familiar and novel? Scientists have pondered this question, as well. Two research projects have studied this, and here is what scientists have learned. How Vision Contributes Working Memory Working memory involves briefly retaining […]

Brains and Vision—Lots Going On

More than half of the brain is dedicated to processing visual information. The processing of visual information isn’t as simple as it looks. Back in the 1950s, when scientist first discussed artificial intelligence, it was thought that teaching a computer to play chess would be difficult but teaching a computer to see would be easy. […]

Ultrasound & LiDAR—Improving Vision for People & Robots

I’m going to state the obvious. Our eyes are taking in a lot of information. Now for the not so obvious: How can technology be utilized to improve vision and help emerging technologies like self-driving cars and robots to see? As you can guess research is looking into (no pun intended) these things and scientists […]

I’ve Seen That Before—How the Brain Discerns What is Familiar vs What is Novel Part One

As we go about our day, our eyes are taking in a lot of images and our brain is processing them all. The images range from the familiar to the novel. Once these images come into the brain, how are they processed so that we know what familiar and what is novel. Two research projects, […]

This Arc is More Plastic than Wooden

Binocular vision is a good thing. It allows humans to judge distance and depth, which gives us the ability to distinguish the relationship between objects. When the eyes aren’t in their correct position or can’t focus on the same object, then there are vision problems. It can lead to conditions such as strabismus, also known […]

Better Vision Through Research & Technology

If you are a fan of the television show Star Trek: Next Generation, you will be familiar with the character of Geordi LaForge, played by actor LaVar Burton. LaForge is a member of the engineer corps on the starship Enterprise. He was born blind, yet is able to see through a prosthetic device that is […]

Zebrafish Hold the Key to Vision Restoration

When you get a paper cut, after about two weeks the skin repairs itself and you can’t see where the cut was located. If something similar should happen to your retina, you’re out of luck. Unlike skin cells, the cells of the retina don’t regenerate. So, if it is damaged in any way, the cells […]