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Keep an Eye on the Business

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 30, 2016

Today, many doctors are experiencing practice consolidation as smaller practices merge with larger ones. Despite this trend, there are still many optometry practices with single owners and only one or two doctors on staff. For the private practice owner focused on growing and thriving in today’s competitive market, taking advantage of new ideas in medicine, […]

Cataracts & Health—Getting Rid of One Improves the Other

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 16, 2016

It’s no secret that once cataracts are removed, a person can see better. Studies have also shown that both health and quality of life improve with cataract surgery, regardless if it was just one or both eyes. Of course, that’s obvious. If you see better, then you have a better quality of life. Still, there […]

New Competition for Optometrists/Ophthalmologists & How to Beat It!

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 2, 2016

Times are changing! In the new world of Internet everything, there are services such as Blink and that offer vision exams either by computer or via specialized tools. These services stress convenience since they allow people to get vision exams at their home or office. While these services have their downsides, they are definitely […]

Eye Facts

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on July 19, 2016

Did you know that 80 percent of what we learn comes from what we see? Did you know that adult humans typically blink 12 times each minute? Here are some other interesting facts about the eye: Watch out, the blink of an eye lasts for about 1/10th of a second, or 10 jiffies? How much […]

Fish and Insects Hold the Keys to Better Vision

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on July 5, 2016

Have you ever wondered how fish manage to see underwater? After all, conditions aren’t always the best. Water can be murky and sunlight does not penetrate murky water. Yet, fish are able to find food and hide from predators. What is their secret? As it turns out, it’s no secret, it’s the fish’s eyes, specifically […]

A Computer Doesn’t Give Out Lollipops

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on June 28, 2016

If you are an eye care professional, by now you have probably heard of, which offers a vision exam to correct refractive error via computer and smartphone. A person signs up, takes the exam and a doctor reviews the findings. Within 24 hours, the patient is notified that the prescription is available. He or […]

Vision Needs of Athletes

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on June 14, 2016

In addition to being in good physical shape, athletes need to have excellent vision. They need to be able to react to what is happening and anticipate what will happen. The average eyeglasses aren’t made for the demands of collegiate and professional sports. So, what is a myopic athlete to do? There are vision solutions […]

When Contacts Aren’t So Convenient

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on May 31, 2016

Contact lenses are great. They allow users to have better field of vision. They give users a chance to try out different eye colors. Contact lenses are also great money maker for a practice. In some practices, contact lens revenue comprises up to one third of profit. What aren’t so great about contacts, however, are […]

The Future of Vision is Now

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on May 17, 2016

Next to the weather, sports and current events, the future is a frequent conversation topic. After all, who hasn’t heard that in the future there will be: Electric cars Robots Bionic body parts Well, there are electric cars on the road, there are robots working in manufacturing and there are bionic body parts. As for […]

Talking Politics

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on May 3, 2016

The presidential election will take place this year. Numerous candidates are campaigning for their party’s nomination for President of the United States. Supporters and detractors are already putting in their two cents, both in the form of public opinion and monetary donation. Of course, the position of President isn’t the only political office up for […]