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Alternative to Reading Glasses

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on October 10, 2017

Benjamin Franklin is credited with developing bifocal glasses in 1760. Of course, one wonders if he wore them while he flew his kite on that dark and stormy night or if he ever had trouble finding them when he wanted to read a book or write a letter! Most people are smart enough not to […]

When the Bugs Get in Your Eyes

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on September 26, 2017

You don’t have be an OD or MD to know that having something in your eye is annoying. It can also be harmful to your vision. Irritants and bacteria can eat away at the eye, potentially leading to vision loss. With that said, there are times when bugs (microbes) can be beneficial to the eye. […]

Low Vision & Depression

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on September 12, 2017

It is no secret that a greater number of people are experiencing low vision from conditions, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. While these conditions don’t lead to sudden vision loss, they do take their toll. In addition to reduction of mobility and difficulty with near work activities (e.g., reading) vision limiting conditions can […]

Patient Retention

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 29, 2017

True story: As a kid with myopia in the 1980’s, I had a succession of optometrists. The reason for this is that my mother’s employer’s insurance changed from one carrier to another frequently. As a result, the doctor who saw me two years before didn’t always accept the new insurance. Despite these changes, Mom got […]

Solar Eclipse Safety

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 15, 2017

The United States will experience a solar eclipse on August 21. The eclipse will start at approximately 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time/1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Depending on where you are in the U.S., the eclipse will be either total or partial. The path of totality, where the sun is completely occluded, starts at Salem, […]

Blue Light and Eye Health

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on August 1, 2017

It is clear that more and more people are using digital devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers. While these devices can make it easier to work and communicate, not to mention have fun, there is a trade-off to all this convenience. Digital devices can affect eye health. There has been an increase in […]

Corporate vs Independent Optometry

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on July 18, 2017

A great thing about optometry is that doctors have different career options. They can work in academia, at a corporate or privately owned practice as an employee, or as an independent practice owner. Since most optometrists work in some type of practice, this blog entry will focus on working as a corporate employee versus being […]

Children’s Vision & Screen Time

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on July 4, 2017

Aren’t smartphones and tablets great? A few weeks ago, I heard some cool music playing on a Facebook post. I asked my phone’s personal assistant to identify it and it did. Let’s not forget computers either. How did we get anything done before the Internet came along? If you need information on something, it’s just […]

Do These Things for a Successful Practice

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on June 20, 2017

Optometry is unique in that it is one of the few medical specialties that offers a fashion statement (frames) in addition to a medical examination. Since there is a physical product to sell, how can you maximize your product and service mix, to keep customers coming back and your practice profitable? Don’t worry, you don’t […]

Stem Cell Secretions & Restoration of Sight

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on June 6, 2017

Studies are taking place around the world on the use of stem cells to treat many conditions and diseases. In particular, they are being studied as a treatment for restoring vision. Stem cells have the potential to protect the optic nerve from damage and slow vision loss, as well as possibly replace ocular tissue that […]