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Quick, Reliable Pupil Testing for All

Posted by Elliot Franz | Posted on August 5, 2015

    For over a year, I have been working with Dr. Joe Ruskiewicz of Salus University (PCO) to develop a device which streamlines and standardizes pupil measurement and testing.  We call the device (pictured below) the APT (Accurate Pupil Tester).  APT

    The APT is two devices in one:  a pupilometer and an automated APD (Afferent Pupil Defect) tester.  It is truly a one of a kind device (click here to watch the video).  


    Wide Viewing Port.  The APT has a viewing port which is wide enough to afford you a view of both pupils at the same time.  There is no need to move your head from side to side to view the patient’s pupil reflexes during the swing testing.

    Lens Holder Clip.  If you have a prescription or just need to see a magnified view of the pupils, the APT has a lens holder clip which will accommodate a trial lens.  For example, a presbyopic doctor might find it beneficial to put a +2.50 D lens in the APT to avoid fumbling around with glasses during the exam.

    Custom LEDs.  The APT features 30 lumen LEDs with a 110 degree viewing angle to ensure that the pupils are fully illuminated during the APD testing.  The LEDs are permanently fixed, so you can be assured of consistency.

    Automated Flashing.  The APT flashes lights for APD testing AUTOMATICALLY.  The APT cycles through the following tests:  direct response to light, the 1 second swing test, and the 3 second swing test.  The timing of the flashes is exactly the same each time (watch the video to see a demonstration of this).  The entire battery of testing is performed in under one minute.  Because the device takes care of the timing and placement of the flashes, you can focus on the patient’s pupils instead of focusing on timing the swing of the light and ensuring uniform pupil illumination.  

    Manual Modes if you need them.  If you would like the device to repeat, ad infinitum, any of the APD flashing tests or the direct response to light test, simply turn the mode selector switch to the desired test.  If you happened to be in the automatic mode when you switched, once you return to the automatic mode, the device will pick up where it left off.  

    Patient Fixation Distance Control.  The patient’s gaze can be controlled (near or distance) by moving the center knob on the device.  The knob moves a set of internal prisms closer to or farther away from a fixation dot on which the patient is instructed to focus.

    Accurate Pupil Measurement.  The APT measures the pupils down to ±0.5 millimeter.  You do not have to rely on approximations and pupil rulers anymore!

    The APT helps you provide better care to your patients.  Serious problems can be detected if proper pupil testing is performed.  The APT will help you ensure consistent APD testing and pupil measurement for all your patients.  


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