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Proudly made in the USA. Coming to you from Gulden … and to a theater near you!

Posted by Tom Cockley | Posted on August 29, 2013

I read an article recently in USA Today that states that if you try to buy locally grown vegetables,  why not buy a US made product to cook them in?

That’s the idea behind a new documentary, American Made Movie. It’s about the well-known decline of American manufacturing and its impact on communities and employment in the US.  But, as USA Today film reviewer Tim Mullaney states, it’s an idea with a twist.

 Mullaney writes that the film posits that instead of relying on trade barriers to protect manufacturing jobs, Americans can tap into the same pride of place and craftsmanship farmers have used to fuel the movement toward locally-grown food by buying American made products.

Our twist – Gulden products proudly made in the USA

We fully support that theme with products we market that are designed and proudly made in the US.  In fact, one of our first products, the prism bar, was conceived, designed, and manufactured in the US nearly 75 years ago.  We are very proud of our US-made products and our prism sets and prism bars are still the best in the world.

 Are you motivated to buy American?

The film creators, Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel Thomas McGill, say that the path to healthier US manufacturing runs through persuading people to buy a quality US-made product even if there might be a cheaper import.  “Protectionism can be Republican or Democratic, and we weren’t out to make that kind of film,” Vittorio said. “Politics is always uncertain, but the role consumers play in the economy never changes.”

 Many of our new product ideas come from eye care professionals in the US.  And we develop and manufacture these products in the US.  New ideas come from the USA are made in the USA!

 The film, which opens August 30, proposes a nationwide version of support-small-business campaigns that have popped up in many cities.  

Products made in the USA help your practice

It’s clear to me that our high quailty American-made products help eye care professionals provide better care, save time, and increase efficiency.  In addition, a not-so-obvious advantage of buying American is that it helps US workers obtain and retain employment. And employed workers are less apt to put off eye, dental, and other health care needs compared to unemployed workers.  The healthcare insuarnace benefits that American workers have additionally help eye care practices.  Again, folks who don’t have to excessively worry about the cost of health care are more likely to schedule and keep their eye care appoinments.

Hot news about our oldest product

It’s a bit ironic that the film, American Made Movie, opens this week – we are introducing our latest prism bar this week too, the new EZ View™ Prism Bar.  It offers advantages for both the eye care professional and patient.  In the past, the numerical magnitude of the prism has typically been located on the thick edge of the prism bar.  This created a problem for the examiner.  When using the prism bar to measure either the angle of deviation or to measure convergence and divergence amplitudes, the examiner had to either turn the prism bar sideways to view the numerical magnitude or make a pronounced movement to the side to view the prism magnitude.  When moving the position of prism magnitude with EZ View the examiner can now see the numbers without the need to either turn the prism bar or change viewing position. 

More USA made prism products

Gulden also provides many other prisms and prism bar sets including combination prism bars; stick prisms; stick prisms with the new magnetically attachable handles; vergence facility testing prisms; and prism bars available in various horizontal or vertical configurations in various diopter or degree ranges and sizes.

When it comes to ophthalmic products and devices, think American.  And when you think American, think Gulden!

Tell me what you think.

Be visionary with Gulden!

Tom Cockley is president of Gulden Ophthalmics and is the third generation of the nearly 75-year-old visionary company that brings innovative, time-saving, utilitarian products to vision and health care professionals.

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