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Pediatric Tools

Gulden Ophthalmics has been a leading manufacturer of Ophthalmics for over 80 years. We carry a large variety of Pediatric Screening tools designed to make testing easy along with a variety of fixation sticks which include the Animal Fixation Sticks, Face Fixations Sticks, Flashing Fixation Sticks, Pediatric Fiaxation Sricks, and the Pediatric Fixation Wand.

Vision testing tools for Color vision testing include Guldens Three Character Test, Worth Four Dot Test, and the Farnsworth D-15 Tests.

The red and green glasses come in a variety of types. This would include our newest stylish wrap around glasses, both in child and adult, a metal framed spectacle and a basic black frame. Aside from our red and green glasses we also offer our Polarized glasses in a new stylish wrap around frame in both child and adult as well as C Daylight glasses.

A few of Guldens newest vision screening tools include an Optokinetic Drum, Amsler Grid Book, and the Adult Near-Contrast Test booklet.