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Pediatric Fixation Pack

Product Number: 15132

Purchase the Pediatric Fixation Target Pack from Gulden.  The Peds Pack includes: a penlight, an auditory stimulus (clapper), a finger puppet, a green frog for mounting on the penlight, and a large flashing/spinning globe. Perfect for holding the attention of young patients during vision testing.  ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, PLEASE SEE DETAILED DESCRIPTION.


The Gulden Pediatric Fixation Target Pack (Peds Pack) is a set of fixation targets for the young patient.  The Peds Pack includes:

  • penlight
  • An auditory stimulus (clapper)
  • finger puppet
  • A green frog fixation target for mounting on the penlight
  • large flashing/spinning globe.

Perfect for holding the attention of young patients during vision testing.  Batteries included.