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(Not So) Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

Posted by Ilena Di Toro | Posted on March 8, 2016

Shows like This Old House and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition can help generate ideas on how to make improvements to your home. What about your office? While there isn’t a show called This Old Office, the home makeover shows can provide inspiration to transform your stuffy workplace into an office of your dreams.

Granted, if you work for an optometry franchise/chain or your practice is part of a healthcare system, your options are limited as far as office décor goes. Still, if you have an independent practice, there’s a lot you can do to liven up the office. And no, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money. Here are some tips:

Consider your interests
Are you a baseball or football fan? Like the beach or the mountains? You can incorporate ephemera from your interests into your practice. Logos, team colors, and other paraphernalia can be dispersed throughout your office and can even be turned into functional items. For example, one practice in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina incorporated a nautical theme with items found at flea markets, local antique shops, and discount stores. The partners reused and repurposed items such as ropes to hold frame clips and purchased discounted floorboards in order to mimic the sides of a boat. The project took place over a holiday weekend, with the partners themselves doing the work. The end result was a unique look that cost just $2000.

Less is more
Of course, as much as you love the beach, football or baseball, there is a danger in putting in too much of what you love. After all, your practice is a business, not a shrine to your favorite things. Having too many things could be a turn off to patients who don’t share your interests and possibly lead to a reduction in sales. So, put yourself in the patient’s place. Do the items make the space more welcoming and help the patient pick out the right frames, or is it just a lot of visual clutter? This may be a case where you would use an interior designer. They know how to turn your ideas into designs that lead to a positive patient experience and ultimately, help to close the sale.

Shed some light on the subject
Jewelry cases are well lit in order to reveal the details in the jewelry. You can do the same with your display areas. Work with a lighting designer or the company that sells your displays for ways to incorporate lighting to “focus” attention to frames and other items and make the office more inviting for patients.

Good design can give an office a one of a kind look, make patients feel more at ease, and lead to increased sales. Sounds like a good deal! So start sprucing up!


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