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Health Care Innovation Forum

Posted by Elliot Franz | Posted on March 22, 2016

     On Friday, March 18th, I was asked to speak at Salus University (Elkins Park, PA) for their “Salus Time” speaker series.  The speaker series is a great idea, because it gives students (and professors) exposure to topics they wouldn’t ordinarily encounter.  For the subject of Friday’s Salus Time, I chose to speak on the medical device design process.  I entitled the event: “Health Care Innovation Forum: The Next Breakthrough Idea is Inside Your Head!”

     For those of you who are interested, I am including some short videos of the forum here (scroll down for videos).  My talk covered many aspects of medical device design, but we focused mainly on brainstorming.  Too often, health care professionals have great ideas, but nothing ever becomes of them because they are not properly developed.  My hope is that this Forum provided Salus students and faculty with the proper tools to take their ideas to the next level.

Motivation for the Forum (don’t let your good ideas go to waste!):

The Design Process (a summary of a multi-year journey in about 5 minutes):

From Problem Statement to Idea (where do we start?):

Opportunity Scores (how do we sort ideas generated during brainstorming to find the most important ones to address in the device?):

Design Examples from Gulden (we’ve worked with health care professionals in the past, here are some examples):

To Profit or to Open Source, That is the Question (if you have developed a helpful device or technique, we’ll help you get the word out):

Free Prototyping Resources (everyone loves free!):

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