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New research reports on which benefits vision care professionals seek most in ophthalmic products & services.

Posted by Tom Cockley | Posted on April 28, 2012

We just completed a research study to find out what vision care professionals need and want in the tools used in their practices.  We surveyed:

  • General Ophthalmologists
  • Surgical Ophthalmologists
  • General and Specialty Optometrists
  • Clinic, Hospital-based, and Other Professionals


There were three important aspects we surveyed in the research:

  • What are the most important attributes of products and tools you use in your practice
  • What is your role in selecting products used in your practice
  • What three words come to mind that best describe the products and services supplied by Gulden  (This was unaided recall, – an open ended question)


We sent out an e-mail electronic survey to users of ophthalmic products and compiled the results.



Over 80% of the respondents are doctors; the remainder were other professionals and office staff.


A.   What are the most important attributes of products you use? (Listed with most important first):

1.  Products that help provide better patient care

2.  Products that improve patient treatment skills

3.  Products that help the practice and improve skills

4.  Products that save time

5.  Products that increase office efficiency


B.   What is your role in purchasing products? (Listed in order of responses):

1.  Select the products

2.  Determine the need

3.  Approve the purchase

4.  Select the supplier


C.  What three words come to mind that best describe the products and services supplied by Gulden?  (Listed by number of mentions)


Tied for first place: 


Innovative Products

Useful Products


Tied for second place:

Well Priced

Excellent Service


A close third place:





The research helps us to conceptualize and develop tools that will continue to help vision care professionals in their practices.  It also confirms that the features and benefits we strive to provide in our products and our services are those sought by vision care professionals.

Tell me what you think.

Be visionary with Gulden! 

Tom Cockley is president of Gulden Ophthalmics and the third generation of the over 70 year old visionary company that brings innovative, time-saving, utilitarian products to vision and health care professionals.

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