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Meet Sean Cockley. He’s here to help you with product quality, technical questions, and sales service and support.

Posted by Tom Cockley | Posted on June 29, 2012

I am very proud to introduce Sean Cockley, 4th generation of the Gulden family, and your contact for technical and quality questions, as well as product information and support at Gulden.

Although Sean began working at Gulden full time this past year, if you ask him when he started at Gulden, he will probably tell you he started when he was a toddler!

Indeed, Sean grew up playing with eye models at home, surrounded with vision care products, working with a wide array of tools in the basement, and was probably the only kid in first grade to know what a tonometer is and where the cornea can be found.

Growing up, Sean worked part-time at Gulden, but found his niche elsewhere. He worked for almost 20 years in product engineering, designing products with CAD systems, managing a manufacturing plant, and implementing and practicing quality control excellence at another company.

We are very fortunate to have Sean on board.  He has an excellence grasp of how to design and build great products for our customers.  Since we introduce an average of 12 new products each year, he is an important asset in the development, design, and manufacturing of new products, as well as updating and improving the design and manufacturing of existing products.  He has shown in the past year that he is very interested in learning about customers’ needs and responding with new products and product enhancements.  He attends trade conferences and shows with us, discussing with customers about their needs.

Here’s an example of Sean’s skills and dedication to customer service.  A customer recently called with a question about prism bars.  In case you don’t know, our company invented and patented the first prisms for ophthalmic use in 1938!  Of course they have been greatly improved over the years.  Sean listened carefully and had a few great ideas on how he could create a customized version of prism bars to meet the customer’s needs.  In a matter of days, he developed a few prototypes, we selected one that would meet the customer’s requirements, and in what seemed like magic, the customer had newly designed and manufactured prism bars that helped them provide better patient care.

We QC (quality control) our products routinely during manufacturing and before shipment.  Sean is now in charge of QC documentation during manufacturing – ensuring that our products meet our stringent standards every step along the line.  As a result, we get very few calls about quality control.  But if you ever have a QC question … or ideas or requests on product customization, just call Sean – use our regular toll-free number, 800-659-2250, and then press 3 and then pound (#) for Sean.

Sean has a well-earned grasp of our more than 400 products and how customers use them.  He is a terrific listener and problem solver and we are very pleased to have him as part of the Gulden family.

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Tom Cockley is president of Gulden Ophthalmics and is the third generation of the nearly 75 year old visionary company that brings innovative, time-saving, utilitarian products to vision and health care professionals.

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