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Is your patient the 1 out 5?

Posted by Tom Cockley | Posted on February 1, 2012

Here’s a staggering statistic:  1 out of every 5 of your patients has or will have diabetes.

We know and hope that you have told your patients that diabetes can severely affect their retinas, and, as a result, harm their vision.  We know that you check your diabetics’ retinas regularly.

But do they know that once a kidney is gone due to diabetes, it’s gone?  Or that once a leg nerve is destroyed due to diabetes, there’s no way to resurrect it?  Or that a shot artery will affect them forever?

Now you can do more than tell them, you can show them.  We know that eye models help you educate and inform patients.  Our newest Diabetes Eye-Plus™ Model – although it might seem to be a departure from our line of eye models – not only shows patients the effects of un-monitored diabetes on their eyes, but on other vital body parts.  And that might just be the tipping point that makes them more diabetes compliant.

Flip open the four modules on the Diabetes Eye-Plus Model and patients will see the effects of untreated diabetes on their eyes, kidneys, arteries, and nerves.

We know that patient compliance with their healthcare regimens is a concern to all of us.  How many times does a patient fail to use their drops to protect themselves from their glaucoma?  How many times does a patient let their blood glucose levels soar and affect their retinas?  You can help protect their vision by impressing on them the effects of untreated diabetes on their entire body.

Think about it:  What’s it worth to inform and protect just one patient from the ravages of diabetes?  We think the Diabetes Eye-Plus Model can help.  Tell me what you think.

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Tom Cockley is president of Gulden Ophthalmics and the third generation of the over 70 year old visionary company that brings innovative, time-saving, utilitarian products to vision and health care professionals.

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