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Surgical Tools

Gulden Ophthalmics Offers a variety of Surgical tools from Eye Spheres and conformers to laser shields and more.

Eye Spheres, Conformers and Shields are precision made of polymethylmethacrylate; a hard, clear plastic that is lightweight, inert and virtually unbreakable.

Sterilized Surgery Ready eye spheres and conformers are a cost savings alternative to using unsterile eye spheres and conformers. So many Gulden customers have realized the advantages, cost savings, and increased patient safety by using sterilized spheres and conformers. When you analyze the comparison and the real costs between sterilized and DIY (Do It Yourself) sterilization, we are sure you will see the advantages that pre-sterilized products offer.

A few of Guldens Surgical instruments include the Spud Dix and Ellis Style tools for removing foreign bodies with minimal trauma. They are made of a Strong, self contained magnetic field. Designed for quicker healing and decrease in infection. Jaeger Lid plates and Retractors for aide in corneal, retinal, glaucoma-related, anterior chamber, and many other surgeries.