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Product Number: 14130

Purchase the Aurosling.  The Aurosling is a frontalis suspension sling used in the surgical procedure for the correction of ptosis.  It is supplied sterile. PLEASE NOTE: The Aurosling is not available for sale into Canada.


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The frontalis sling procedure is where the frontalis muscle of the forehead is used to help lift the eyelid by placing a sling of material between the forehead and the eyelid. It is the most common surgery performed for ptosis.

Aurosling is a sterile implantable flexible silicone rod with a silicone sleeve attached to two malleable sharp straight needles. As opposed to other materials, silicone is not associated with frequent recurrence of ptosis and is often used as a permanent solution. In most cases the material is elastic and can be adjusted, both intraoperatively and post-operatively, if the eyelid height needs to be altered over time.

The flexible implantable silicone rod helps in good lid closure and provides excellent bio-compatibility. The silicone sleeve is a tiny 7mm long sleeve that helps in easy adjustments and facilitates easy implantation. The needle length is 6.3cm; its diameter is 920 micron. The length of the silicone rod is 40cm. Advantages of Aurosling include its excellent biocompatibility, good eyelid closure, and ease of adjustment post-surgery for any necessary corrections.