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Autoclavable Jaeger Lid Plate

Product Number: 23293

Purchase the Autoclavable Jaeger Lid Plate from Gulden Ophthalmics.  Lid plates are used for a variety of surgical procedures.  This one is made of plastic and can be re-used.


The tool is constructed of a durable autoclavable plastic material in black.

Since they are non-metallic, these tools are less-reflective, which can help surgeon’s visibility during procedures. They are electrically non-conductive; can safely be used during electrosurgical procedures.

The Jaeger Lid Plates from Gulden Ophthalmics feature a more concave, ergonomic design, which helps avoid pressure on the cornea and globe; one end is large (24mm) sized and the other is smaller (22mm). The Autoclavable Jaeger Lid Plate is 4.375 inches in length.