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Stereo Acuity Test (Fly)

Product Number: 15211

Purchase the Stereo Acuity Test (Fly) from Gulden.  This popular stereo vision test, manufactured by Vision Assessment Corporation, includes one leather bound test with answer key and two (one child, one adult) pair of stereo glasses to be worn during the test.


Product Description:

This Stereo Test is used as a standard in stereo vision testing. It is useful in rapidly evaluating gross and fine stereopsis, including amblyopia and strabismus testing. It is an easy-to-administer, rapid, and effective test for all ages, particularly well suited for children. The test helps identify stereopsis vision problems such as amblyopia and strabismus, which, in children, can impede development and performance. The test presents a large image of a fly, especially useful for testing children who typically respond to large objects and images. The test is a high quality stereopsis and depth-perception test manufactured with high quality, long lasting images.

Advantages include:

  • Gross through fine stereopsis testing – 4800 through 20 sec of arc
  • Graded circle test from 400 sec to 20 sec
  • Very precise – no misleading monocular clues
  • Includes adult and pediatric polarized viewers
  • Answer key on back cover