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Binocular Vision Assessment Kit

Product Number: 15329

Purchase Gulden’s Binocular Vision Assessment Kit.  This Assessment Kit for Binocular Vision/Accommodative Disorders contains all of the equipment necessary to test for binocular vision and accommodative disorders. These items are identical to those used in all of the research performed by the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial (CITT) group.


The following items are included in the kit:

  • (1) Black Occluder (SKU: 12112)

  • (1) Vergence Facility Stick Prism (3/12 diopter) (SKU: 11108)

  • (1) +/- 2D Flipper (SKU: 11132)

  • (1) Accommodation Rule with vertical letter card (SKU: 15150)

  • (1) BV-15 Vertical Prism Bar and B-16 Horizontal Prism Bar Set (SKU: 11314)

  • (1) Fixi-Tic (Includes vertical letter fixation stick with 40cm cord) (SKU: 15112)

You can find more information about the CITT studies here.

To download a copy of the Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey, click here.