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Polarized Trial Lenses

Product Number: 11149

Purchase these polarized trial lenses for use in trial frames. The polarized trial lenses offer the convenience of measuring stereo acuity (depth perception) while the eye care professional works with the patient using a trial frame.


Stereo acuity/stereoscopic vision testing is important in identifying conditions such as amblyopia, strabismus, and suppression. In many cases, deficiencies in stereo acuity can be corrected by the eye care professional once identified through this type of vision testing. Gulden polarized trial lenses eliminate the need to place the standard, unwieldy, and often flimsy polarized glasses that come with stereo acuity test kits over a trial frame.

By combining the vision correction attained via trial lenses with stereo vision testing using the new polarized trial lenses, the patient response to the testing can be more accurate and the testing easier to administer. Polarized trial lenses are easy to use; they are the standard trial lens size and shape, fitting securely into standard trial frame wells. They are marked for orientation to ensure the proper disparity between the two eyes.