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Eye Care Resources

    Many people do not seek out eye care because they are not able to afford it. Over the past four years, the national uninsured rate has gone down approximately five percent. Even so, there are people who do not get routine eye exams or other eye procedures because of the costs involved. In […]

Patient Education – Survey Results!

    Earlier this month, I reached out to our contacts and asked a series of questions concerning how they handle patient education.  Some things I wanted to know were:  how much time is spent educating each patient on average, what means are most commonly used to communicate information to the patient, and how confident are care […]

Cosmetic Contacts are Spooky!

    It happens every year around Halloween. People buy non prescription contact lenses at a variety store or costume shop to add a little extra to their outfit. A few days later, they end up in the eye doctor’s office with an infection, injury, or damaged vision!     One type of non prescription […]

When the Eye Drops Don’t Go In

    For drop-based glaucoma treatment to be effective, the patient must adhere to the dosage regimen and apply the medication correctly. The problem is that this doesn’t always happen. Drops are often installed improperly, not used, or not taken according to the prescribed regimen.     Improper installation of drops can be a huge waste of money. One […]

Googling Symptoms

    The Internet is great. There is so much information out there, you can learn about anything without leaving the confines of your comfy chair. Some of the information people look up while they are online includes medical conditions. There are many great websites that allow people to learn more about medical conditions such as diabetes, […]