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Don’t Do Everything. Look at How You Do Things.

Whether you work in corporate optometry, for another doctor or own your practice, being an eye doctor is never dull. That isn’t always a good thing because that can mean patient after patient to examine, a mountain of paperwork to fill out, send out or file and let’s not forget employees to deal with. While […]

Longevity in Optometry/Ophthalmology

You may have heard the riddle about a man and his son who are involved in a car accident. The man dies instantly. The son survives but is seriously injured. He is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. The old doctor sees the boy being wheeled into the operating room and says “I can’t […]

Working in a Small Space

In 2012, the American Optometric Association put out an executive summary based on their survey of optometrists. One of the things reported in the summary was that optometrists who own a practice work in an office that is 2,528 square feet, whereas non-owners (those who work in multi-doctor practices or corporate optometry) work in an […]

Corporate vs Independent Optometry

A great thing about optometry is that doctors have different career options. They can work in academia, at a corporate or privately owned practice as an employee, or as an independent practice owner. Since most optometrists work in some type of practice, this blog entry will focus on working as a corporate employee versus being […]