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Trial Frame Multi-Pinhole Occluder

Product Number: 15104

Purchase Gulden’s Trial Frame Multi Pinhole Occluder.  This product is designed to be inserted into a trial frame or flipper.  Small handle allows product to also be used independently.  Plastic is durable and easily cleaned


The Trial Frame Multi-Pinhole fits all standard 38mm trial frames as well as four and eight well flippers

There are five pinhole sizes in the multi-pinhole: from 0.8mm to 1.5mm. The smaller pinholes provide routine acuity testing while the larger pinholes provide for testing for suspected reduced vision via decreases in retinal illumination. The Trial Lens Multi-Pinhole are made of durable, glossy ABS plastic for long life and easy, effective cleaning and sanitation.

The pinhole occluder restricts light to the center of the patient’s lens.  This way, refractive errors due to a misshapen lens are eliminated and it is possible to determine whether the patient would benefit from corrective lenses