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Combo Occluder

Product Number: 12126

Purchase Gulden’s Combo Eye Occluder.  The Combo Occluder features an occluder, a red lens, a Maddox lens, pinhole tests, and fixation targets!  Plastic is durable and easily cleaned.


The entire Gulden occluder family is molded from strong, lightweight ABS plastic, with an easy cleaning gloss finish.  Occluders are used to cover one eye during testing or treatment. Occluders are cupped to a 70mm radius.  This occluder is 25cm long.

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With one purchase, you receive a Maddox rod, occluder, red lens, fixation targets, 1mm & 1.3mm multiple pinholes. Eliminates searching for the correct instrument since all are contained in one single unit. One end of the Gulden Combo Occluder contains fixation targets (one letter and one symbol .6m, .8m, 1.0m, 1.6m plus 2.0m & 2.5m letters) on a rotary thumbwheel, (which also serves as an occluder).