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Reti Eye Laser Practice Kit

Product Number: 15207

Purchase the Reti Eye Laser Practice Kit from Gulden.  This kit can be used to practice retina laser procedures, such as photocoagulation.  It can also be used to practice indirect ophthalmoscopy.


The Reti Eye device has a 6mm pupil and is comprised of two halves – the upper half includes a lens; the lower half houses replaceable retinal films that show vascularization and the optic nerve. The kit includes the Reti Eye, a wooden base, 10 retinal films, and an adjustable clamp for slit lamp mounting. For indirect ophthalmoscopy practice, the Reti Eye is placed on the wood base and rotated for a clear view of the fundus. During photocoagulation practice, tiny white spots form on the retinal film when using a green photocoagulation laser.