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Spielmann Occluder

Product Number: 12120

Purchase Gulden’s Spielmann Occluder.  Has a frosted plastic lens so that you can view the occluded eye and eliminate retinal rivalry.  Plastic is durable and easily cleaned.


The entire Gulden occluder family is molded from strong, lightweight ABS plastic, with an easy cleaning gloss finish.  Occluders are used to cover one eye during testing or treatment. Occluders are cupped to a 70mm radius.  This occluder is 25cm long and has a frosted lens AND a standard (opaque) occluder cup.

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This new occluder uses a lightly frosted, scratch resistant lens that degrades the acuity of the non-tested eye while not inducing suppression effects. The reading eye is thus tested with an absolute minimum of interference from the other eye.