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Premium IOL Options Lens Set



                NEWS RELEASE                        Press Contact:  Tom Cockley

New Product News from Gulden Ophthalmics

       Press Contact:  Tom Cockley

NEWS RELEASE – New Product News from Gulden Ophthalmics

Press Contact:  Tom Cockley

Gulden Introduces New Premium IOL Options Lens Set For Educating Patients on Today’s  IOL Options.

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IOL Lenses 


These new IOL Lenses are compatible with Gulden’s Cataract Eye Model.  When used together, the patient can better understand both how a cataract is  surgically removed as well as their IOL options.   The IOL lenses are sold separately from the Cataract Eye Model.


ELKINS PARK, PA   Gulden Ophthalmics (@GuldenEye) has introduced a new product:  Premium IOL Lens Options Set.


Cararacts surgery outcomes continue to improve as the replacement IOL’s continue to evolve.  Many patients expect post operative 20/20 vision without glasses.  In order to restore proper focusing of light, an IOL (Intraocular Lens) is  inserted to replace the focusing power of the removed, natural lens.  Explaining the lens removal procedure and the IOL implant options to a patient ready to undergo  cataract surgery may be difficult.  To help educate the patient,  Gulden Ophthalmics has created three interchangeable IOL Options Lenses for their Cataract Eye Model.


The premium IOL Options Lens Set is designed to occupy the place in the Gulden Eye Model where the natural lenses are currently situated.  All three IOL lens options can be demonstrated by substituting one type of implant for another, depending on the patient’s  particular refractive condition.  Patients can better understand the procedure as well as their implant options.    Gulden’s interchangeable lenses include a monofocal IOL, a toric IOL, and a multifocal IOL.  Standard monofocal IOL implants are designed to restore distance vision. These IOL’s are typically covered by insurance.  Premium toric IOL implants correct pre-existing astigmatism, and multifocal lenses help to improve vision at near, intermediate, and far distances.   Since patients pay extra for the premium IOL implants,  it is important to discuss not only their IOL options but how they work to correct their particular refractive error


When used in conjunction with Gulden’s Cataract Eye model, Gulden’s New Premium IOL Options Lenses greatly reduce the chair time needed to educate your patients.  Again, the Premium IOL Options Lens Set is compatible with Gulden’s Cataract Eye Model, which is sold separately.


For more information about the new Premium IOL Options Lens Set and  Gulden’s wide range of other eye models, ophthalmic and surgical diagnostic aids and tools, and more, visit Gulden’s website or contact:


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