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Gulden’s New Distometer



                NEWS RELEASE

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Gulden Introduces an All-Metal Distometer to Measure Vertex

Distances, Aiding in Calculating Accurate Eyeglass Correction


ELKINS PARK, PA — Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced the new Distometer Set that includes an all-metal distometer and a handy, easy to use circular conversion calculator.

The Gulden Distometer Set accurately measures the vertex distance between a patient’s cornea and the lenses in eyeglasses or trial lenses.   A change in vertex distance of eyeglasses compared to that of the trial lenses results in a change in the effective power of the eyeglasses.  This becomes especially important when the eyeglass prescription is greater than a plus/minus four or five diopter correction. A circular conversion calculator included with each distometer instrument facilitates the quick and accurate new correction necessary in the eyeglasses lens to obtain the same visual acuity achieved with the trial lenses.

     The Gulden Distometer is very easy to operate and calculate the conversion.  The patient closes his or her eyes and the sensing end of the Distometer caliper is placed between the eyelid and the lenses. The plunger is slowly pressed and the two sensing ends will move outwardly. When one sensing end touches the eyelid and the other touches the back surface of the lens the scale is read; add one mm for the eyelid thickness and the result is the vertex distance.

     To use the circular conversion calculator, the doctor or technician simply selects the number on the millimeter distance scale that represents the vertex distance determined by the distometer using the minus scale for minus lenses and the plus scale for plus lenses. The circular inner scale is then rotated to align with the power of the trial lens on the outer stationary diopter scale.  The power that is indicated at any other distance viewed on the millimeter scale will present the effective vertex power of the lens necessary at that distance. 

     The all-metal design of the Gulden Distometer provides long life and accurate measurements compared to plastic devices.  The Gulden Distometer Set includes the distometer, the circular conversion calculator, and instructions for use.

 The new Gulden Distometer Set includes an all-metal distometer that provides a long life and accurate

measurements and a handy,  easy to use circular conversion calculator and instructions for use.

     For more information about the Gulden Distometer Set click here or Gulden’s wide range of other time-saving diagnostic aids, tools, eye models, and more, visit Gulden’s website or contact:

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