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   Gulden Ophthalmics has been in business more than eighty years.  During that time, we have forged relationships with a number of institutions who devote themselves to education and the greater good.  If your organization would like to partner with Gulden to help make a positive impact, please fill out our Contact Form.  Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!



From the 2018 “Optometry Cares 5k” produced by the Salus University AOSA Chapter

Here are some organizations we have partnered with ➔

The Salus University AOSA

For a number of years, Gulden has partnered with Salus students to produce an annual fundraising 5k run/walk. In 2018, the funds raised benefited the Optometry Cares foundation, while in previous years the Fox Chase Cancer Center was chosen as the beneficiary. 2015 2016 2018 2019

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Gulden’s relationship with CHOP spans several years. It is an honor to contribute to CHOP’s important work in the city of Philadelphia. Gulden has donated in kind items and provided event support.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology Foundation

The Orbital Gala is a yearly benefit held at the site of the AAO conference. The benefit raises money to help support the Foundation’s initiatives, such as patient education and global eyecare missions. Gulden has contributed in kind donations for the Orbital Gala silent auction.

University of Louisville Ophthalmology Program

Gulden provided eye models to help ophthalmology residents explain their chosen career to children at the Kentucky Science Center.


Gulden has provided in kind donations to help raise money for this important public health initiative. InfantSEE’s mission is to provide an eye exam – free of charge – to any infant between 6 and 12 months old.

Thanks To Gulden Ophthalmics From The Immanuel Lutheran Church’s Haiti Mission.

Thank you again for the flippers. They worked wonderfully for our team


Haiti 2012Haiti 2012

Greetings Tom,
Thank you again for the flippers. They worked wonderfully for our team. The eye glass team coupled with our medical team on this trip to Haiti. Over 4 1/2 days of clinic the eye glass team saw more than 510 people. Many of the people received two pairs of glasses. One for reading and one for distance. So many said they just wanted to read their Bible again.

Blessings to you,
Claudia Hansen
Mission In Action
Immanuel Lutheran Church
St. Clair, Michigan

Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your generous contribution of the flippers for the Haiti missions trip. As you can see from the photos, they were exactly what was needed. They will continue to be used during future trips–Haiti is an annual destination for the team.

Your willingness to help the effort is very much appreciated.

Amy Balok
for Immanual Lutheran Church
St. Clair, MI


Gulden Ophthalmics Helps Sponsor The Malawi Initiative

Villagers thank Gulden Ophthalmics for donation of ophthalmic instrument used in Malawi Initiative Eye Clinic.

Gulden Opthalmic’s Press Release

The Malawi Initiative

The Malawi Initiative on Facebook

Malawi InitiativeMalawi Initiative

   Internships are an important part of a college education.  It is one thing to learn skills in a structured classroom environment but quite another to apply those skills off campus.  If you are interested in interning with us, please message us via our Contact form and let us know how you can contribute.  If your skills match a project we’re working on, we’ll be in touch!

Bucknell University

Gulden actively participates in the Bucknell Externship program. This program provides engineering students with an introduction to medical device manufacturing. It is especially helpful for mechanical, biomedical, and electrical engineers. Gulden has also employed a Bucknell student for a summer device design internship.

Temple University

For a number of years, Gulden has worked with Temple business students from the Fox School. Recently, Gulden has also been selected as an industry sponsor for engineering Senior Design projects. We are always amazed by what students can build!

   We regularly work with optometrists, ophthalmologists, ophthalmic technicians, and others in the eye care industry to bring new, innovative products to market.  If you have an idea for a new product, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

Here is an overview of the process ➔

  • We begin by signing a mutual NDA.  This way, any confidential information exchanged remains the property of the individual who disclosed it.  Your thoughts are safe with us.  Should we decide not to pursue the project after any design stage, we will return or destroy all confidential information.

  • Our product development engineer will work with you one on one to thoroughly define the problem statement, identify the design outcomes which need to be achieved, and rank the importance of each outcome.

  • If we determine that the product can generate a positive return on investment, we will work closely with you to build a device prototype.

  • Once you and your colleagues test the prototype, we will execute cycles of refinement until the optimal design has been achieved.

  • When all regulatory and quality requirements have been addressed, we will work with you to market your device.

Here are some examples of products we have produced in the past ➔

The Original Prism Bar

– Dr. Conrad Berens

  • Invented in 1938 and patented by Raymond O. Gulden.

  • Designed to minimize exam time when compared to loose prisms. Allowed for faster diagnosis.

  • More compact and easy to store than loose prisms.

  • Made of optically clear acrylic.

The EZView Prism Bar

– Dr. Mitchell Scheiman and Dr. Michael Gallaway of Salus University

  • The Original Prism Bar featured diopter markings on the side of the device.

  • The EZView improves on the original design by incorporating the diopter markings in the viewing plane, thereby eliminating the need for the clinician to turn his or her head and read the side of the bar

  • This update saves time during the exam and makes for a more fluid user experience.

The Orange Eye Shield

– Dr. Felix Barker of Salus University

  • Designed for use in emergency situations (e.g., battlefields and EMS vehicles).

  • Strong polymer and curved design make the Orange Eye Shield crush resistant.

  • Instructions for use printed on product to minimize the time needed to understand how to use it in an emergency.

  • Orange color makes the product easy to identify in a first aid kit.

The Wormington Near Point Card

– Dr. Charles Wormington of Salus University

  • Designed to fit easily in an examiner’s pocket and accurately assess acuity.

  • One side features letter acuity and the reverse has passages which can be used to measure reading acuity.

  • The card also features a millimeter ruler, half moon pupil ruler, tumbling E acuity lines, and number acuity lines.

Dovie Cards

– Dr. John Dovie of Blacksburg Eye Associates

The Siepser Sliding Knot Practice Kit

– Dr. Steven Siepser of Siepser Laser Eyecare

  • This patented demonstrator gives ophthalmic residents the ability to practice the sliding knot on an extra large simulated eye

  • Click here to view the popular YouTube demonstration video.

The Automated Confrontation Field Test

– Dr. Jeffrey Cooper and Dr. Sherry Bass of SUNY College of Optometry

  • The ACV was designed to replace traditional finger counting confrontation field methods. It is far more accurate.

  • The device is compact for easy storage.

  • “The Automated Confrontation Field Tester lets me truly know the status of my patient’s visual fields particularly in cases of significant glaucoma or neuro-ophthalmologic disease.” -Peter J. Maris Jr., MD

The Idrees Eye Surgery Practice Head

– Dr. Mohammed Idrees of Aldara Hospital and Medical Center

  • This device is very useful for wet labs.

  • The clear eye cups have syringe attachment points which allow any animal eye to be held in place via suction.

  • The included LED puck creates a nice red reflex.

  • The practice head now includes a bonus slit lamp adapter system so that users can practice laser procedures on animal eyes.