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Villagers thank Gulden Ophthalmics for donation of ophthalmic instrument used in Malawi Initiative Eye Clinic

Villagers thank Gulden Ophthalmics for donation of ophthalmic instrument used in Malawi Initiative Eye Clinic.

The Malawi Initiative is a non-profit entity that each year provides services and materials to a Malawian village in southeast Africa. Malawi is among the world’s poorest and least developed countries. The population is largely rural and the economy is heavily agricultural. Malawi depends heavily on outside aid to meet the needs of its population.

This past August, the Malawi Initiative launched its first ever Total Village Outreach project, which was very successful. The village selected for this outreach was Nkhalango in the Malawi Balaka district, Malawi. In addtion to food, supplies, and materials provided to Nkhalango, “Eyes for Malawi,” the eye clinic initiative, conducted eye exams and provided eyeglasses and eye drops in both Mchinji and Balaka districts.

Gulden Ophthalmics, Elkins Park, PA ( donated to the Malawi Initiative a set of eye examination “flippers.”

In this age of high technology, sometimes the simplest, most straightforward devices offer exactly the solution to many needs. In the eye care clinical setting, optometric “flippers” provide the eye care professional with a rapid, time-saving, ergonomic means to determine and/or fine tune the ideal eye correction for patients. The flippers are easy to use and convenient for both the patient and the eye care professional.

The Gulden flipper sets are designed for simplicity and ease of use and help expedite eye exams. The Gulden set includes six color-coded, well-marked flippers in a range of eye correction powers. The eye care professional works with the patient to determine the optimal correction that provides the best vision by first selecting a flipper with a particular power, and then flips that or one of the other flippers to alternate between correction powers while the patient views an eye chart through the flipper’s lens. The patient simply indicates when his or her vision is optimal. The eye care professional notes the correction power and prescribes or provides eyeglasses or contact lenses with that correction power. The Gulden flippers are clearly marked, and are held in an attractive, functional stand.

The attached photos illustrate the Gulden flipper set, one of the flippers in use with a Malawi villager, and the poster created by the villagers to thank Gulden for its donation (“Thank you Gulden Ophthalmics”).


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