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Spring Cleaning For Your Business

Spring is the season of longer days, bird returning to nesting grounds, preparing gardens for planting, and of course, spring cleaning. Cleaning is the least exciting part of spring. Even so, everyone will agree on the importance of taking the time to clean, organize and spruce up your living space. The same can be said […]

Resolve To Do Better

The New Year is a little over a two weeks old. How many have kept their New Year’s Resolutions? Something tells me there are a very small number of people out there who haven’t tossed aside their resolutions at this point. Yes, it is noble to take steps to do better in life, and people […]

Keep an Eye on the Business

Today, many doctors are experiencing practice consolidation as smaller practices merge with larger ones. Despite this trend, there are still many optometry practices with single owners and only one or two doctors on staff. For the private practice owner focused on growing and thriving in today’s competitive market, taking advantage of new ideas in medicine, […]