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Contact Lens Tools

Gulden Ophthalmics has been a leading manufacturer of Ophthalmics for over 70 years. We carry contact lens tools such as the Gulden Contact Lens Polisher Kit and Contact Lens Check and Keratometer Calibrator.

Guldens Contact Lens Polisher Kit is a low-cost, convenient, cordless, easy-to-use, portable hard contact lens polisher. A palm-size polisher for all your hard contact lens polishing needs. The Contact Lens Polisher Kit is great for exam rooms and dispensing areas. Removes deposits and scratches to improve patient comfort. Replaces that large, bulky, expensive polisher. Includes a flat and cone shaped foam-polishing pads. Two AA batteries, a 1,400-rpm motor, power the polisher.

Guldens Contact Lens Check and Keratometer Calibrator dual-purpose device produces fast, accurate, reproducible results. The 42.50 diopter stainless steel ball allows you to easily calibrate your Keratometer. The contact lens holder prevents expensive mistakes by allowing you to quickly confirm base curves when ordering replacement contact lenses. Also allows you to check for warpage or any changes to the base curve. Performs just as accurate as a radiuscope yet more economical and quicker. To measure the base curve of hard lenses, simply place the RGP lens in the depression well using contact lens wetting solution, The contact lens tool easily mounts and dismounts for moving from lane to lane.