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SimulEYE SLT Model (2 Pack)

Product Number: 17025

Purchase the SimulEYE SLT Model from Gulden.  This model provides a cornea-scleral shell for use with an SLT laser lens. Inside is an iris and a pigmented angle structure which will depigment upon application of an SLT laser treatment. “Champagne bubbles” form with each pulse and increase as the energy is increased.


  • The model needs to be filled with water prior to use
  • Requires the use of an SLT laser lens with Goniosol or other gels as a coupling agent for visualization
  • This model is considered single use. However, multiple laser spots can be applied to each eye before it is consumed
  • A slit lamp laser stand is required for use with these laser models.
  • Visit our Resources page for instructions for use (click the Instructions & Guides tab)