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Silicone Human Eye Replica (Blue Iris)

Product Number: 17018

Purchase the Silicone Human Eye Replica (Blue Iris) from Gulden.  Use this accurate replica of a human eye to train staff, test equipment, and more!


This eye can be used for other aspects of medical training and medical device set-up applications.  For example, they can aid in setting up lasers and other equipment. They can provide surgeons and surgeons in training with the experience of and feel of human eyes during evisceration and enucleation surgeries without having to use animal or actual human eyes.

Although they will not provide realistic IOP’s (intraocular pressures), they can be used to demonstrate the use of portable tonometers. They can also be used to practice using a keratometer to measure corneal curvature (K readings). They can effectively be cleaned with warm water or water and mild liquid detergent if needed. The eyes are available in two iris colors – brown and blue.