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Lanthony D-15 Color Test (Desaturated)

Product Number: 15127

Purchase the Lanthony D-15 Color Test (Desaturated) from Gulden.  Munsell color chips come in a plastic tube.  A pouch is included to protect the colors from fading.  Test can be inverted for easy grading.  The kit includes a score sheet, a pair of cotton gloves, and a pair of “C” daylight glasses.


Comes complete with contemporary storage pouch. When the patient replaces the caps, the tube is turned over to reveal a transparent plastic bottom, allowing the numbers on the bottom to be in clear view to facilitate quick and accurate scoring.  The desaturated test is much more difficult to correctly complete than the Farnsworth D-15.  It is a much more sensitive test.

The evaluation of the patient’s arrangement differentiates normal color perception from congenital or acquired moderate and strong defects in deutan (green and green weak blindness), protan (red blindness) or tritan (blue-yellow blindness) color discrimination. Based on the mistakes the type of color blindness as well its severity can be calculated. The tests can be used for occupational evaluation and classification.

The long-standing, very-familiar, Lanthony D-15 Color Test Hue each consists of a set of 16 different colored papers affixed on the top of numbered caps. Each cap has a 1.2 cm circular disk of colored paper. The Munsell color system is used. A reference cap for each set is marked. Also included are instructionsscore sheet, a pair of cotton gloves, and “C” Daylight Glasses.  These glasses have special filters which transform normal incandescent light to “Illuminant C” type illumination, the proper light setting for the administration of color tests.