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Idrees Floaterscope

Product Number: 18008

Purchase the Idrees Floaterscope from Gulden.  This unique device can be used to allow a patient to quantify location and density and provide their input to their doctor.  Use it before and after vitreolysis surgery to enable the patient to visualize the outcomes.


This device was developed in partnership with Dr. Mohammed Idrees, FRCS(Edin).

This product is designed to help patients identify the location and number of their floaters.  Patients should use the floaterscope to indicate how many floaters appear in their vision and, specifically, in which quadrants of their vision those floaters appear.  Using this device will help the ophthalmologist know where to focus when performing vitreolysis surgery.  The patient should use the floaterscope again after surgery to provide feedback on the removal of their floaters.