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Product Number: 15220

Purchase the EyeView from Gulden.  This unique tool enables your patient to view their own floaters.  When looking at the bright pinhole on the EyeView, eventually the patient will notice their floaters.  It is very easy to use.  Includes 3 AAA batteries.


Patients with cortical or posterior subcapsular opacities are fascinated to see them and realize the reason for their vision disturbance. Often these patients complain of glare from headlights or the setting sun but are able to see Snellen letters. The device lets them see the reason for their compromised vision in such real world situations.

The device creates a minute pinpoint of light.  Upon holding the device up to the eye, silhouettes are created on the retina of floaters, including bits of cells, protein strands, specks, granulated filaments, and other materials primarily in the vitreous humor, but some users can also see corneal and aqueous humor matter. The EyeView can also be used to monitor cleanliness of contact lenses since debris missed in cleaning can’t often be seen.

The small, handheld device comes with 3 AAA batteries and includes a handy carrying strap.

Dimensions: 3.625 inches long by 1 inch in diameter.