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Dry Eye/Lagophthalmos Kit

Product Number: 15170

Purchase Gulden’s Dry Eye/Lagophthalmos Kit.  This kit includes a pair of goggles for daytime dryness relief and a headband-like device which keeps eyelids closed at night.

Please note, there are no returns for this item!


Stop telling your patients to tape their eyes closed! No more messy tape glue on the lids, no more allergic reactions to tape.

Gulden’s Dry Eye/Lagophthalmos Kit has a pair of moisture goggles to protect the patient’s eyes from wind and particles during the day and a headband device that keeps the patients eye or eyes closed during the night without taping. The goggles not only shield the patient from wind and particles, but they also lock in moisture.  They are made of polycarbonate plastic.

Note: This product contains latex.