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Systemic Effects of Diabetes Model

Product Number: 15252

Purchase the Systemic Effects of Diabetes Model from Gulden.  This innovative model demonstrates the effect of unsuccessfully treated diabetes on four areas:  kidneys, nerves, arteries, and of course, retinas.


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One of the purposes of the model is the hope that by demonstrating the potential catastrophic effects of untreated diabetes on many body parts and organs patients will comply better with their prescribed medications, treatments, and diets – helping to save their eyesight.

Research indicates that 1 out of every 5 patients seen by eyecare professionals today has or will have diabetes. For years, eyecare professionals have harped on how diabetes can affect retinas and eyesight. Unfortunately, these grave statistics do not always produce compliance with medications and diets that will help preserve vision. With the Diabetes Eye-Plus™ Model, professionals and their staffs can better demonstrate the devastating effects of diabetes on other body systems.