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Color Coded Flipper Set

Product Number: 11123

Purchase lens flippers from Gulden.  Our Color Coded Flipper Set includes six (6) color coded flippers: +/-0.25, +/-0.50, +/-0.75, +/-1.00, +/-1.50, and +/-2.00.


Gulden’s Color Coded Flipper Set includes six (6) flippers: +/-0.25, +/-0.50, +/-0.75, +/-1.00, +/-1.50, and +/-2.00. The lenses are shatterproof. They are extremely durable and will last for years.  The flippers are convenient, inexpensive, and practical and impact on the day-to-day routine in a very practical manner.

Flippers are well known among optometrists who specialize in vision therapy. The lenses most often used are +2.00/-2.00.  The +/- 2.00 flipper is used to test the dynamics and sustaining ability over time of relative accommodation directly and relative vergence indirectly.