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C Daylight Glasses

Product Number: 15115

Purchase Gulden’s C Daylight Glasses.  These glasses have special filters which transform normal incandescent light to “Illuminant C” type illumination, the proper light setting for the administration of color tests.


For years the so-called “type C” or “daylight” illumination for color vision testing has been available in the form of the Macbeth Easel Lamp. Modern substitutes are relatively expensive and may provide only a limited field of illumination. They also limit the portability of accurate color testing from lane to lane, forcing the practitioner to move the patient to the test light. C Daylight™ Glasses are worn by the patient and can be used with any 60, 75 or 100 Watt incandescent bulb. A pair can be kept with each test in the office, thus making color vision testing a convenient process anywhere incandescent illumination is available.

Note: To avoid light damage to these glasses, store in the provided UV proof bag.