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Algerbrush 0.5 mm Replacement Burr

Product Number: 16122

Purchase the Algerbrush 0.5 mm Replacement Burr from Gulden.  The burr is shown in the product image with the chuck (sold separately).  It is made of stainless steel. PLEASE NOTE: The AlgerBrush, and AlgerBrush components, are not available for sale into Canada.


To order this product, please submit a Purchase Order to or fax to 215-884-0418

The tip (burr) is intended to be used in the Algerbrush.  Clinicians can use this tool to remove rust rings from the cornea.  The tip (burr) is made from stainless steel and can be autoclaved.  Do not autoclave the handle!

To replace the burr, you will need two sets of pliers.  Use one set to firmly grip the chuck and the other to pull the burr.  Use a pair of pliers to insert the new burr.