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Gulden Introduces Spec-Deck™



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New Product News from Gulden Ophthalmics


Gulden Introduces Spec-Deck™ – the solution to “Where can the patient place their eyeglasses during the eye exam?”


Inexpensive eyeglass holder avoids delays in exam routine, keeps patients’ eyeglasses safe, and prevents exam area table-top clutter.


ELKINS PARK, PA — Gulden Ophthalmics introduces the Spec-Deck™ Exam Room Eyeglass Holder – a simple, inexpensive, highly utilitarian product that helps answer the patient’s questions “Where do I put my glasses during the exam?”  “Do I need to hold them or put them on my lap?”  “Put them on that already too cluttered desk?”  Or “Will the doctor hold them?”

     When the doctor or technician says “Take off your eyeglasses” where does he or she expect the patient to put them?  Any desk in the exam room is now usually filled with electronic health records screens, keyboards, and other equipment.  Placing them on the slit lamp table can get in the way of the equipment and possibly inadvertently be knocked onto the floor.  Searching for a convenient location to place their eyeglasses wastes valuable examination time. 

     Now, from Gulden Ophthalmics, there is a simple, inexpensive solution – the Spec-Deck Exam Room Eyeglass Holder.  In a simple, swift motion the patient can remove their eyeglasses and place them safely in the convenient Spec-Deck holder as the slit lamp table is moved toward them.

     Spec-Deck attaches easily to any convenient surface – the exam room chair armrest, an adjacent table, or even the slit lamp table using double sided tape or 3M Dual Lock™ included tape.   The flexible hinging arrangement of the attachment tab – from 90 to 180 degrees – permits attachment to different types of locations, tables, counters, or even a wall.   

     Spec-Deck is molded of durable, attractive, easy-to-clean plastic resin and is available in three colors:  white, beige, and steel grey.  A removable inner soft pad prevents glasses from being scratched and keeps glasses secure as the slit lamp or patient move.  Spec-Deck’s inner dimensions are contoured to fit and securely hold all sizes and shapes of glasses.  Spec-Deck can be easily removed and/or repositioned, leaving no messy adhesive residue.


The new inexpensive Spec-Deck™ Exam Room Eyeglass Holder avoids delays in exam routine, keeps patient’s eyeglasses safe, and prevents exam area table-top clutter.


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