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18mm Non-Sterile Orbital Implant (Silicone)

Product Number: 14354

Purchase the 18mm Non-Sterile Orbital Implant (Silicone). Silicone can be sterilized in an autoclave. These implants take the place of the eye after enucleation.


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This silicone orbital implant is constructed of medical-grade silicone.  Retention sutures can be placed into the sphere and the eye orbit musculature as best determined by the surgeon.  There are no pre-determined perforations in the implant.

Silicone implants can be sterilized by autoclave or ethylene oxide and most other sterilization methods.

Following enucleation or evisceration surgery, orbital implants and eye conformers are used to occupy the empty orbit and conform the tissue surrounding the eye to prepare the socket for a prosthesis.