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Schirmer Tear Flow Strips

Product Number: 152T5

Purchase Schirmer Tear Flow Strips from Gulden.  Box includes 100 strips.  Use to measure tear production in patients.  Sterile. PLEASE NOTE: The Schirmer Tear Flow Strips are not available for sale into Canada.


Sterile strips have a printed mm scale for easy test interpretation. These strips have smooth, rounded tips. The strips are individually packaged in an easy-to-open ‘band-aid’ wrapper.

Instructions: Do not apply any topical medication to the eye or perform any manipulation of the eye before performing this test.  Position patient in examining chair with head against a headrest.  Examination room lights should be dimmed.  Carefully open strips according to directions shown on the box.  While patient looks up, insert the rounded end into the lower temporal lid margin of the eye, making sure the strip fits snugly.  Wait for 5 minutes, remove the strip and record the length of the moistened area.