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Face Form Card Set (3)

Product Number: 15332

The Face Form Cards from Gulden Ophthalmics are perfect for vision therapy. Each set includes three cards.


The Hopping Card Set consists of six new vision therapy products, available individually or as a complete set. These products are vision therapy activities designed for use with accommodative and ocular motor therapies. Most cards additionally incorporate suppression controls to also work in anti-suppression therapy. The exercises and cards have been developed and tested in conjunction with a university based professor who is a vision therapy expert. The therapies are easy to administer and use by professionals as well as for follow-up or supplemental home use by the patient.

The accommodative activities are available in high contrast black and white with small font or as red and green anti-suppression targets with varying acuity levels ideal for treating unilateral amblyopes and strabismics. The accommodative activities are designed to be accommodatively demanding and interactive, keeping young patients engaged throughout the therapy.

The Gulden cards and card sets are designed to be much more interactive than other available cards or cards sets, helping significantly to attract and maintain young patient attention and engagement in the therapy. The accommodation therapy cards provide appropriate accommodative demand for various levels of acuity as well as providing anti-suppression utility ideal for amblyopia or intermittent strabismus.

The Red Line Tracing Cards provide 60 line patterns of increasing difficulty, excellent for progressive ocular motor training while also training anti-suppression.

All cards are laminated (coated), making them re-writeable and re-usable with erasable markers – providing extended utility and life. Each card and set comes with complete instructions and red/green glasses.

Available individually or as a complete set:

Hopping Accommodative Facility Vision Therapy Cards

Face Form Vision Therapy Cards

Number Search Vision Therapy Cards – 1-50 & 1-100

Amblyopia Rock Vision Therapy Cards

Red/Green Number Search Vision Therapy Cards 1-5 & 1-100

Red Line Tracing Vision Therapy Cards