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Accurate Pupil Tester (APT)

Product Number: 17009

Purchase the Accurate Pupil Tester (APT) from Gulden.  The APT (Patent Pending) revolutionizes the testing of pupils.  This instruments helps you to identify pupil defects quickly and measure pupils accurately.


The APT (Patent Pending) is a device which combines the functionality of a pupilometer and an APD tester. Because the APT is able to measure pupils precisely and also perform a battery of APD tests (e.g., direct response, 1 second swing test, and 3 second swing test), it can be used to standardize pupil testing in your practice. Whether you are purchasing the APT for personal use or for office assistants to use, you will be impressed with its wide range of features.  Please view the Product Video by clicking the “Video” tab above.  The instructions for use for the APT can be found here.

Some notable highlights of the device are:

  • A lens holder for the clinician which accomodates any trial lens.  This is especially useful if the examiner is presbyopic.  Addition of a trial lens (not included) will sharpen the image of the patient’s pupils.
  • The ability to set the patient’s gaze to near or distance.
  • Measure pupil size down to the tenth of a millimeter.
  • Wide viewing eyepiece so that the clinician can see both of the patient’s eyes without having to move their head.
  • Built in LEDs are programmed for 5 different modes:  Off (pupil measuring), Direct response (Right eye 2x flash for one second, Left eye 2x flash for one second), 1 second swing, 3 second swing, and ExpressMode (ExpressMode automatically cycles through Direct, 1 second swing, and 3 second swing).
  • Accepts 3 AA batteries (included).
  • Operation mode reference information is conveniently located on the underside of the device.